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  Do you collect photographs or photographic equipment, or are you just interested in photography? Consider joining for the benefits from our Auctions; the Buy Swap and Sell table at meetings and the information in our newsletter and magazine, Back Focus, and of course the social side of meeting others with similar interests.

The APCS conducts auctions about 3 times each year. The source of our items is members and the general public, often as a result of a wish that items from a deceased estate should go to collectors.

The way that APCS auctions will be run in 2019 are changing. Changes to inspection and auction times can be expected, and there will be new processes for registering items, delivery to allow for accurate photographs on the web and inclusion in the catalogue, security provisions, and even what items will be accepted. This has come about through change in those doing the work, the significant increase in numbers of items being offered, and the need for higher security than previously. Announcements will be made before the end of January 2019, and will be sent to all members via email, as well as being included on this page.

Between 250 and 500 lots are sold each time, and items vary from a box of "goodies" such as slide mounts, flash bulbs, lens caps and filters to rare and very collectible equipment. Recent lots have included Leica, Hasselblad, Linhof and similar desirable outfits, polished wood cameras with brass fittings, lenses, books and trade catalogues.

Our Auctions are "closed", that is, only full members can bid. As many of our members are interstate or international, absentee bids can be lodged through our Secretary and many of the better items are sold this way. There is no buyer's premium, simply a fixed commission from the seller based on the sale price.

The Catalogue for the auction is usually available on-line 2 or 3 weeks prior to the event. Results are available a couple of weeks after each auction event.

Should you wish to bid at the auction and not be a full member, details of joining are on the Membership page.