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  Back Focus is the Society magazine, which is sent to members of the Society by mail. Articles are mostly by members with specialist interests, and reflect exceptional levels of research. Permission to reprint articles in like publications is commonly given on application to the APCS Secretary.

The following items are the APCS Journals from the beginning in 1976 when they were known as Newsletters through a change in name to "Back Focus" in mid-1992 to the present. Up to 1983 they were numbered sequentially from 1 to 22, then after a review years were generally given volume numbers with Volume 2 starting in 1985 - the idea that the first 22 were given the retrospective "Volume 1". That numbering changed in December 1997 when a back count of earlier numbers was done and a new sequential number of "27" was adopted, counting from the first Back Focus in mid 1992 - a numbering sequence that remains today. The titles below are links to on-line PDF files. Click on a title (left-click) to view a specific issue. Right-click on a title and you should have a menu that gives you the option to save the file to your computer. An index of the articles in Back Focus in PDF and EXCEL formats is in preparation and will be also available from this page when complete:

1976: NLNo01NLNo02NLNo03

1977: NLNo04NLNo05NLNo06NLNo07

1978: NLNo08NLNo09NLNo10NLNo11

1979: NLNo12NLNo13NLNo14NLNo15

1980: NLNo16NLNo17NLNo18NLNo19

1981: NLNo20

1982: NLNo21

1983: NLNo22

1985: Vol02No01

1986: Vol02No02Vol02No03Vol02No04Vol02No05

1987: Vol03No01Vol03No02Vol03No03Vol03No04

1988: Vol04No01Vol04No02

1989: Vol05No01Vol05No02Vol05No03

1990: Vol06No01Vol06No02Vol06No03

1991: Vol07No01Vol07No02Vol07No03

1992: Vol08No01Vol08No02Vol08No03Vol08No04Vol08No05

1993: Vol09No01Vol09No02Vol09No03Vol09No04Vol09No05

1994: Vol10No01Vol10No02Vol10No03Vol10No04Vol10No05

1995: Vol11No01Vol11No02Vol11No03Vol11No04

1996: Vol12No01Vol12No02Vol12No03Vol12No04Vol12No05

1997: Vol13No01Vol13No02Vol13No03Vol13No04No.27

1998: No.28No.29No.30No.31

1999: No.32No.33No.34No.35

2000: No.36No.37No.38No.39

2001: No.40No.41No.42No.43No.44

2002: No.45No.46No.47No.48

2003: No.49No.50No.51

2004: No.52No.53No.54No.55No.56

2005: No.57No.58No.59

2006: No.60No.61No.62No.63

2007: No.64No.65No.66No.67

2008: No.68No.69No.70No.71

2009: No.72No.73No.74No.75

2010: No.76No.77No.78No.79

2011: No.80No.81No.82No.83

2012: No.84No.85No.86No.87

2013: No.88No.89No.90No.91

2014: No.92No.93No.94No.95

2015: No.96No.97No.98No.99

2016: No.100No.101No.102No.103

2017: No.104No.105No.106No.107

2018: No.108No.109No.110No.111

2019: No.112No.113No.114

2020: No.115  2021: No.116